“Our State Fair Is A Great State Fair, Don’t Miss it…..

…Don’t Even Be Late.  It’s Dollars to Donuts That Our State Fair Is The Best State Fair In Our State.” Looks like we might be forced to miss it.  The Nevada State Fair is in danger of being shut down after 137 years of operation.  Seems they’re $204,000 in the red, and are blaming it on the economy.  WTF

The title of this post is the lyric from the opening song from State Fair  a Rodgers & Hammerstein musical with book by Tom Brigss and Louis Mattioli.  It was originally done in 1945 and remade in 1962I’ll admit to having seen the 1962 version on several occassions, and it’s as enjoyable as any R&H musical.  You can find it on Netflix I’m sure.

I’ve never been to the Nevada State Fair, or whatever they’re calling it these days, The Nevada Wild West Fair, but I think it would be a bad thing not to have it.  I have been to other state fairs and I’ve always found the day enjoyable.  State fairs are different things to different people; some are 4H’ers, some like the carnival rides, some the exhibits, some like to vie for that blue ribbon.  Whatever the reason, the state fair venue is a part of America, and we need to do whatever it takes in Nevada to keep it going.

There has been a suggestion for the now common cell-phone fund-raiser and I think that’s a good idea.  Everyone could have the opportunity to donate $5 to keep the state fair running.  I know I would do it.  I can afford $5 for a good cause.  But what about ticket sales and marketing, and the event itself.  Why can’t it make money or at least sustain itself?  They blamed it on the wind and rain last year.  I guess you could blame it on a lot of things, but you have to make people want to go.  For that I blame the fair organizers, the people who run it.  The blame always has to be shouldered there.  Do we have the right people running the Nevada State Fair

I don’t think so.  Rebrand it back to what it is and what it should be, and get some people who can make it a success.  And get every corporate sponsor in the state, not just Reno, to support this event like they should.

UPDATE:  On March 8th the Board of Directors for the Nevada State Fair met and came to the inevitable decision that there would be no State Fair in Nevada in 2011, thus ending the longest running event in the state of Nevada.  As of March 8th, their “drop dead date” for funding, they had only raised 13% of the total needed.  A yearly event for 136 years.


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