A New Reality Show?

Would you run naked in front of the President for $1 million?  Apparently Juan J. Rodriguez would, but then the British billionaire, Alki David, didn’t pay up.  Juan evidently didn’t get within “ear-shot” or “eyesight” of Obama as the Internet challenge specified, so his attempt didn’t count.  The actual requirements of the streaking stunt are that the streaker must have been within eyesight and ear shot of the president, they have to scream the name battlecam.com six times and they have to be nude with the website name written on their chests.  Mr. David did come up with a consolation prize for Juan though.  Differing news reports say he got his rent paid for six months, his sisters medical expenses will be paid, and there was some undisclosed monetary award.  Maybe Alki felt guilty for not paying anything for the free advertising of “Battlecam”.  Juan received a sentence of two years probation for the stunt.

I checked out Battlecam.com.  It’s a live streaming “interactive reality television” site where viewers vote to keep you on or shut you up.  They often have cash prizes for the “webcammer” with the largest audience.  Me,  I probably won’t go there again.  During my short viewing of the active webcams, there are just  some people you don’t need to meet.

As far as the million dollar challenge goes, I’m kind of amazed that there aren’t more takers out there.  I mean, isn’t a million enough?  Or is it because the crazies out there that do it at sporting events, for free, don’t think it’s a legitimate challenge?  Maybe it’s having to give up the free website advertising, which I have to admit is a pretty novel way of getting website traffic.

I think it has all the makings of a new reality show, “Streaking for Millions” or “The Million Dollar Streak Challenge.”   They could get, say, 10 contestants who will each attempt to  streak within eyesight or ear-shot of Hillary Clinton.  WTF.



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7 responses to “A New Reality Show?

  1. don’t make shit up about seeing Saddam Hussein on Battlecam

  2. you are full of shit

    this whole artical is full of lies!

  3. I think some of your facts might be a little skewed. Either way you can always get your information firsthand from Alki David or Juan on Battlecam.com. Just sayin.

    • I corrected some of the erroneous facts I found in re-reading the post. The intention was not to report on the incident, but just as a springboard into the bogus reality show idea. The myriad of news reports about the incident all have different facts.

  4. daniel

    you have false information, and the saddam hussein video could of been found on youtube the first couple days it came out. Get your facts from Alki, then change the article.

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