923,076 Big Macs

What will a cool $3 million buy you besides 923,076 Big Macs?  A 30-second spot during Super Bowl XLV.  That works out to $100,000 a second.  I did that in my head.  WTF.  That sounds like a lot of money to me.  And if you’ve watched a football game lately, the number of 30-second spots that can run during an “official” time out…..man those guys are making some serious money.

But the companies that pay out the $100,000 a second to tout their products, argue that they’re making some serious money too, and it’s absolutely worth the price.  Most advertisers claim 60% return or better.  That’s six in every ten people buying the advertised product.  And if you’re GoDaddy.com, and  you get your ad banned as being risqué, your business can boom.  Too bad Janet Jackson wasn’t advertising anything, technically, when she had the wardrobe malfunction.   

My team, isn’t in the Super Bowl this year.  Not surprising really since they haven’t been in the Super Bowl since 1998.  At least they’ve been there, and won it twice, back to back years.  You could be a fan of the Detroit Lions, the Cleveland Browns, the Houston Texans, or the Jacksonville Jaguars.  They have never been to the Super Bowl.  But that aside, if you’re a football fan, you have to choose a team if it’s not “your” team that’s in the big game.  You might even have to go out and buy a jersey or a hat or a cheesehead in support of this new bandwagon you’ve jumped on.  And, you’ll probably only use it that once.

Since my favorite team is in the AFC, (American Football Conference) I would normally go with the AFC representative in the Super Bowl, which is the Pittsburgh Steelers.  However, I hate the Pittsburgh Steelers because they tend to beat my team when they play, and they’ve been in the game seven times already, and have won it a record six times.  So I have to root for the Green Bay Packers, the NFC (National Football Conference) champion, who have been in the game five times and have won three.  My team beat them in one of their Super Bowl appearances.  I’m not getting any gear though, because I don’t like the Packers that much.

I would just not watch the game since I’m really not interested in the outcome, but I’ve missed only one, and I listened to that on the radio because I was driving a moving truck to Tucson, AZ.  So I don’t want to break a record.  Except for that one game, I’ve seen every SuperBowl starting with Super Bowl I, played on January 15th, 1968.  (They didn’t call it the Super Bowl then, it was retroactively named.  It was the first World Championship Game between the merged leagues.)  The Packers were in that game too.  They won, and then they won the next year too.  But that was when Vince Lombardi coached them and “winning was the only thing.” 

No, I’ll watch the game.  I want to see the commercials?  


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  1. Me!

    I’m getting really tired of you saying, “I hate the Steelers” – ha ha. Have you noticed that you “hate” the Steelers, but you “don’t care for” the Packers… Whatever dude. So, where’s your blog on your wonderful Broncos??? (that was sarcasm of course) Hmmm, maybe I just need to keep scrolling down 🙂

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