Did I Ever Tell You About The Time…

But it twernt Fiddlin' Bill Hensely, Asheville NC.

Someone is walking around North Carolina with a MILLION DOLLAR LOTTERY TICKET in their pocket, or not.  Or biking.  Or jogging.  Or driving.  Or maybe it was left in the pocket of a favorite pair of weekend jeans and SHE washed it without him being able to check the winning numbers.  Maybe the guy bought the quick pick at the convenience store and threw the ticket away weeks later without even checking the numbers figuring he hadn’t won anyway.  Or how about, he threw it on the truck seat and the wind picked it up and blew it out the back slider window which has been missing for years.  How about this, the guy knows he has the million dollar lottery ticket, but HE CAN’T FIND IT.  It has driven him almost to the point of jumping off the highest thing he can find in southwest North Carolina, because he can’t remember where it is.  But those winning numbers were his numbers.  He “plays” them all the time. 

 The $1 million ticket was sold at a convenience store called Market Express on 2800 Old Monroe Road in Matthews in Mecklenburg County, on August 20, 2010.  The winning numbers are 4-13-20-29-48.  No one has shown up with the winning ticket.  But get this, lottery tickets have gone unclaimed 16 times in the last four years since the lottery was started in NC.  WTF  And, although this is the first seven figure one, there was an unclaimed prize of $800,000 in 2008.

I checked with all my North Carolina friends and acquaintances, hoping for a finder’s fee or something, but none of them knew anything about it.  Damn don’t they read the papers?  So I had to walk them back through it.  Did you stop for gas, cigs, gum at a convenience store in Matthews?  Did you maybe throw a dollar out there and say, “Hey, give me one of them quick picks?”  Maybe you forgot about it?  Still have that ticket lying around somewheres?  Maybe in the glove box?  On the dresser with your change?

The schmuck who has, or who no longer has, the winning ticket, has until Wednesday at 5 pm to claim the prize.  I’m going to do a follow up and see what happens.  Some of the money will go to Medicaid and the state lottery’s education fund if the winner is not found. 

I can just see this dude in the future, sitting on the porch in his rocker, talking to anyone around who will listen, “Did I ever tell ya’ll about the time I won a million dollars in this here lottery, and I couldn’t find the ticket?” 

“Yeah, sure, and did I ever tell you about the time….

UPDATE:  OMG.  You gotta read the story about the couple that claimed the $1 million ticket at the last minute.  Too good not to share.  http://www.lotterypost.com/news/227737

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