I Look Just Like James Taylor.

Well, the Royal Wedding Invitations have gone out.  I’ll be checking my mailbox for the next few weeks for sure.  At least it won’t be a FAX like was sent to Europe’s royal families and sovereigns as advance notice of the event.  You think they didn’t know?  Anyway, there were reportedly 1,800 invitations sent out and I’m sure mine’s in there.  Who’s getting married again, Prince who?

I understand the “lookalike” business is booming.  If you happen to resemble Kate Middleton, a lot, you can make some serious money.  Kate Bevan (I wonder if the name had anything to do with it, Kate looks a lot like Kate!), a pharmaceutical assistant, quit her job to start her own business as a Kate Middleton lookalike.   I don’t know what a pharmaceutical assistant does, maybe fill pill bottles and put labels on for a legitimate pharmacist, but she was stopped on the street so often after the nuptial announcement she decided to go for it.  Of course, she has to sound like her too, so she’s taking lessons to get the accent right. 

James Taylor 2008 at Tanglewood

Lookalikes have agents, of course, that work at lookalike agencies, and claim that lookalikes can make $20,000 or more to stand in for their famous doubles.  I’ve heard that everyone has a double, somewhere, but I’m sure mine isn’t any more famous than I am.  So my future prospects as a lookalike stand-in for Meatloaf, or Steven Tyler, or even James Taylor are probably limited.  As you probably know, I look nothing like James Taylor, (For one thing, I have more hair.) but I used to say that all the time just for kicks.  I’d hold up an album cover, yep, an album cover, next to my face and say, “See, I look just like James Taylor.”   For the record,  I don’t look like Meatloaf or Steven Tyler either.

So, on April 29th, 2011, I probably won’t be at the Royal Wedding, not as an invited guest or a lookalike for Elton John.  And guess what?  I don’t care.  Really, I don’t care.  I’d rather go to the Super Bowl.  


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