Alzheimer’s, Cell Phones, And Driving

Heard today that there’s a new study out that shows cell phone radiation is doing something that stimulates brain activity.  This activity in the brain cells is more than normal when the cell phone is held to the ear for an extended period.  Does that mean anything?  The experts are saying they don’t know whether it’s good, bad or indifferent.  I read the other day that being bi-lingual might have a positive affect on the speed at which Alzheimers progresses, because it stimulates the brain.  Maybe the cell phone radiation will turn out to be a good thing.  Talking on cell phones could be a recommended treatment for Alzheimer’s.  I’m sure it will be a headline someday in the health and science section.  WTF

In my experience, with all my children, grandchildren, relatives and friends, the cell phone rarely makes it to the ear.  It’s in the hands.  Texting, gaming, emailing, searching the web, playing with the myriad of aps.  Truth is, I don’t think it’s a phone at all anymore.  I make calls to those same cell phones and rarely, if ever, get anything other than a voicemail.  You can check the voicemail without putting the phone to your ear too.  They all have speakerphones.  So I don’t see this radiation problem, if it is a problem, of being a problem at all.




The fact that this sign in Texas even has to exist is unbelievable.

What I do see as a problem with cell phones, and something that is being debated in my state legislature as I write, is whether texting and driving should be banned.  Fer chrissakes, it should be common sense.  I don’t care how damn good you are at texting, and I’ve seen some incredible dexterity exhibited in that task, when you’re driving a vehicle, your attention should be on driving the damn vehicle.  It’s like, let me write a blog while I’m driving.  How the hell is that even a consideration?

I also believe very strongly that hands-free cell phone use should be the only allowable cell phone use in a vehicle.  And that’s not even a good thing.  I’m sure you’ll agree that the driver that just pulled the stupidest manuever you’ve ever seen, in front of you, had a cell phone to their head.  Might as well be a gun.  Cordless headsets, bluetooth connectivity, hands-free, all available and very affordable.

So, if you’re driving a car use a hands-free device.  If you’re driving a car, forget the texting and use the voice dial and actually talk to someone on the damn thing using a hands-free device.  Don’t wait for a State Statute that’s going to force you to do it anyway.  In my opinion, fines are the biggest waste of personal funds I can think of. 

I’ve started to wonder why I’m doing this, why I’m wasting my time writing a blog everyday that no one seeems to read, even when I tell them to read it.  But in the end, I’m doing this for me.  Not really for anybody else.  Sounds a bit self-centered doesn’t it?  But how more defined is self-centered than a person’s opinions?  Yep, I read them, and I think they’re pretty good, but then again, they’re my opinions.



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