Prostitution Linked to Economic Development.

Okay, heard this on the news teaser on TV last night and there was a local headline on stating “Sen Reid: NV should ban brothels to spur economic development.”  I damn near fell out of my chair.  My first thought was what the hell does prostitution, legal or otherwise, have to do with economic development?  Wasn’t that your first thought?


Senator Harry Reid D NV 2009

The story on was one sentence, well actually two.  The first sentence said he spoke to lawmakers on Tuesday and was advocating a ban on Prostitution statewide.  The second sentence said:  “Sen. Reid says legalized prostitution gives Nevada a stigma that keeps businesses from coming here to develop.”  WTF.  Didn’t stop or WalMart.  Think they were impressed by the lack of tax on inventory.

 So what I’m supposed to believe is that we have the highest unemployment rate in the nation, and the highest foreclosure rate in the nation because eight Nevada Counties with the smallest populations have heavily regulated brothels.  Come on, Harry.  You don’t have anything better for us?

I heard that Harry Reid, in his hometown of Searchlight, NV, used to go down to the local brothel and swim in their pool in the summer, when he was a kid. 


The Famous Bunny Ranch in Mound House

 I just don’t get the stigma issue.  If I investigated this, I’m pretty sure I would find less sex related crime in those areas, probably in the state as a whole.  A license to run a brothel in the counties allowed, those with populations under 400,000, can run upwards of a $100,000 a year, so it’s not like a there’s a lot of them out there.  The population threshold eliminates the cities of Reno, Las Vegas, and Carson City has its own ban as allowed by state law.  So for the life of me, where are these new businesses going to locate in Mound House?  And just so you know, there’s not a lot of positive economic impact from brothels in the state because there are so few of them.

But every so often, a politician, will get out there and preach the evils of prostitution, and advocate banning it in Nevada.  Usually with the support of the big casinos that say it tarnishes our state’s image.  I think we have a hell of lot bigger problems to solve.    


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