A Sock And A Shoe And A Sock And A Shoe

I think about this every morning when I’m putting on my shoes.  I put on a sock and then a shoe, then the other sock and then the shoe.  Immediately I hear Archie Bunker screaming at Meathead (Michael), “Don’t you know the whole world puts on a sock and a sock and a shoe and a shoe!”  I can’t help it, it happens every time.  It seems unimportant, but Archie makes it sound like a commandment as they argue about the benefits of putting your shoes on one way or the other.  Here’s the clip from the episode….

I don’t know how important it is to put on a sock and then a shoe, or both socks on first, but you’ll probably think about it now, for a while at least.  I think I’ll take a poll just to see how it turns out.

Other things stay in my head, like the “Taxi” episode where Reverend Jim is taking the test for his hack license.  He whispers to Bobby Wheeler, who’s standing over at the table close by with the other cabbies, “What does a yellow light mean?”  Bobby whispers back, “Slow-Down”.  Here’s the clip.  Everytime I see a yellow light the scene comes back to me.

I remember laughing so hard it hurt.  The cast was told to keep doing it until the laughter leveled off in the live studio audience.  Had they done that, that scene would have been the whole show.  Christopher Lloyd was comic genius in that scene.  The show was one of my favorites and I never missed it.  Yes, I watch way too much television.

Those things were on my mind this morning, so I thought I’d share them.  With all the things going on in the world right now, it helps to start the day off with a laugh or two.





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