A Sefate Grows In Lesotho



Ravioli di Faraona
I read that its National Ravioli Day,” but I can’t find any proof.  I like Ravioli, but who, why,  would you have a “National Ravioli Day?”  I found some proof that its National Fragrance Day,” but I don’t know why or who made that one up either.  I also found out that its “National Salt Awareness Week” by Presidential proclamation.  If I told you it’s “National Power-Rake Your Lawn Day”, would you believe me?  Yeah, you probably would.  I thought of that because I have to power-rake my lawn.



Searching the internet for proof isn’t much help.  There is a process where national days, weeks, months can be made by Presidential proclamation, and I know from my days as a municipal clerk that a town can proclaim a day of remembrance also by a vote of the council or proclamation by the mayor.  The President typically does this to honor or commemorate a public servant, a public issue, maybe a social cause, an ethnic group or an historical event.  We rarely get days off for these national “days.”

But I suspect that there are many other ways to get a “National Day of Something, or Somebody”.  I had no luck finding out though.  So maybe I can just make up a day, and if someone writes it down on a calendar somewhere, it will become a National Day.  Like “National Tell My Boss To Go To Hell Day.”  How about “National Everybody Give Me Ten Dollars Day.”  “National Buy Me A Drink Day.”  Those all sound good.  How about “National Get Off The Hook Day,” a day when you can’t be blamed for anything you might do wrong.

It’s the Persian New Year today.  Kind of a strange day for that, I think.  The day is called “Nooruz”.  It’s “Human Rights Day” in South Africa and “Independence Day” in Namibia.  It’s “Mother’s Day” in Egypt.  Wonder why it’s different that Mother’s Day here?  It’s “National Tree Planting Day” in Lesotho.  Now where the hell is Lesotho?


Flag of Lesotho

Lesotho is a Kingdom in South Africa.  A landlocked country of about 30,000 square miles with a population of about 2.06 million.  The name translates roughly to mean “the land of the people who speak

Sesotho“.  The country is a constitutional monarchy with a prime minister, most probably the British influence.  What I wanted to find out was were there a lot of need for trees there?  Looking at the geography, it looks a lot like Kansas, Dorothy, so they could always use some more trees.  One of their main exports is diamonds, but over 40% of the population lives under the International Poverty Level of $1.25 a DAY!

Enough on Lesotho.  It’s “Spring Day” in Iraq, and “Youth Day” in Tunisia.  It’s also New Year’s Day, “Nawroz,” in Afghanistan.  But nowhere in all my searching can I find where it says how today became “National Ravioli Day.”  I found this on a website about national days, “While the origins of National Ravioli Day are unspecified, ravioli itself has a rich history which begins in Italy.”  I’ll bet they have National Chicken Soup Day.  Well, not exactly.  They have “National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day” and “National Homemade Soup Day” but nothing that is just chicken soup day.

I couldn’t find any cards to commemorate National Ravioli Day either, but then it’s not a day to send cards.  It’s a day to go out and enjoy some Ravioli.


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