A Lack Of “New” News

Seems like the same old stuff in the news today.  UN Coalition Forces, US included as usual,  blowing up Libya; Japan trying to contain the radiation contamination from their crippled power plants; Charlie Sheen in negotiations to get his job back on “Two and 1/2 Men.”  Wouldn’t call that a “slow news day” necessarily, just a lack of “new” news, I guess.

President Obama has said that they never intended Operation Odyssey Dawn to lead to the overthrow of Gaddafi.  Seems like he’s still winning even though the coalition is blowing up his tanks and airfields.  The US lost an F-15 this morning, but it wasn’t shot down.  The fighter crashed due to mechanical failure.   An F15 costs us about $27.9 -$31 million, so that was an expensive day for us.  Who’s paying for that?  Oh, yeah, right, us.

Coat of Arms of Libya

And where do these names like “Operation Odyssey Dawn” come from?  Who the hell thought that one up?  That makes no sense.  First an Odyssey is an extended adventurous voyage.  Doesn’t fit here since we’ve been promised this operation will last only a few days and I’m not sure how adventurous you could call it.  We all know what dawn means.  Here’s one for you, “Operation Kick in the Balls.”  Succinctly says what the operation will accomplish.  A kick in the balls won’t kill you but it will seriously get your attention.

Don’t forget, the US involvement is all about protecting civilians from the murderous Gaddafi, who is trying to put down a rebellion by armed civilians trying to overthrow his government.  A dictatorship that the US supported for many years, I should add.  And a dictatorship with a stockpile of mustard gas.  I liked when Gaddafi asked the President what he would do if armed civilians stormed the US Capitol?  Don’t think there was an answer.  Not defending Muammar, just saying we’ve got to stop believing that democracy works everywhere.  It doesn’t and it won’t.  Prior to this uprising Libya was an emerging economy with record growth supported by the coalition now bombing it.

The Japanese got the power restored to the reactors.  This can only be a good thing.  Get the pumps started and the meltdown danger subsides a lot.  Of course you have to believe that the US inspectors are not letting any radioactive products into our food supply from Japanese imports.  They tell us the system is foolproof, and I say that’s why we believe it.

Finally, Charlie is selling out his road show, and poised to make millions off his Twitter following.  He’s already in the Guinness Book for how quickly his Twitter base grew.  Now he’s going on tour with a comedy show of his own, and NBC execs are taking notice.  Rumor has it that he has already been offered his job back and some Hollywood insiders say that there is an 80% chance that it’s a done deal.

Gee, let’s put that in the “I don’t really care” column.  The show has run its course in my opinion.  Watch the reruns.  They’re way funnier than last season was.  You can only do so many penis jokes with an out-of-control drunk whoredog who has a schnorrer for a brother.  (Lorre knows what that means.)  And the kid has grown up.  It’s really “Three Men” now, not two and a half.  Put Chuck Lorre to work on another show idea.





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  1. Shannon

    Total agree with you. Odyssey Dawn ? WTF

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