Prostitutes Are Like A Box Of Chocolates

Apparently you can rape a 16-year-old and get off with six years of probation, but hurt or kill a dog, that’ll get you 23 months in prison.  That’s if you’re a past or present super-star in the NFL.  You or me?  First, no one would have cared except the victims and the DA’s Office, and second, our sentence would have been a lot more severe.  Of course, LT did pay $300 so he could rape that 16-year-old.

May 1996 Police booking photo when he was arrested for trying to buy $100 of crack cocaine from undercover agents. May is not a good month for LT.

On May 7, 2010, Lawrence Taylor, Hall of Fame, retired linebacker of the New York Football Giants, was arrested and charged with 

felony 3rd degree statutory rape and 3rd degree felony patronization of an underage prostitute.  He pled “not guilty.”  Taylor changed his plea to “guilty” in January 2011,  of the lesser crimes of sexual misconduct with a minor and patronizing a prostitute.  The “underage” part having been dropped.  Yesterday he got his “severe” sentence of six years probation and requirement to register as a sex offender, although the sex offender status hasn’t been determined.  The original charges carried a maximum sentence of five years in prison.  Totally typical deal-making done every day, every hour, every minute in the justice system in this country.

And to make matters worse, this football icon, role model of the young, giver to the community, likeable, affable, married, 52-year-old, didn’t apologize for his actions in the slightest.  He simply said, in an interview on FOX News, “Studio B with Shepard Smith,” “I’m not the cause of prostitution.  And sometimes I make mistakes and I may go out there, but I didn’t pick her up at no daddgone playground.”  No LT, you didn’t pick her up at no dadgum playground, but you probably could have figured out that she was under the legal age.  Bottom line is LT is just sorry he got caught, and even said as much.

Oh, he did ask her age.  She said she was 19.  “I don’t card ’em,” he said in the interview, “I don’t ask for a birth certificate.”  But I think he lied about the asking, and not the prostitute about her age.  Why would she lie about that with a slim chance that LT wouldn’t rape her knowing she was underage?  She texted her uncle on the way over to LT’s hotel room that she was being forced to have sex with a man.  Why do you think the police showed up with such perfect timing?  They’re not that good.

I think Lawrence Taylor ought to pay a little more for his prostitutes, like Tiger Woods.  He’ll get a “higher quality”, maybe even legal age, since he also stated in the interview that, “You never know what you’re gonna get. Is it gonna be a pretty girl, an ugly girl or whatever it’s gonna be. … I’m not saying it’s right, but guys, it’s the oldest profession in the world.”  Yeah, LT, prostitutes are “like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”  WTF

In the grand scheme of things, does it matter?  Maybe only that it changed the perception of the man for a lot people, me included.  And sadly, that Taylor doesn’t get IT.  Doesn’t get that young underage girls are forced in to prostitution in this country every day, every hour, every minute.  And calling a friend, who calls a friend, who supplies that girl for $300 is the “cause of prostitution.”   

 UPDATE:  Rasheed Davis, the 37-year-old “pimp” in the LT case, plea bargained too.  He got 7-9 years, had to give up his 1999 Mercedes and the $300 LT paid him.  Well, in defense of the court system, he was a career criminal not a past or present NFL star.


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