Actual Flippin’ Terrorists

This was an AP EXCLUSIVE this morning:  “US blocks 350 suspected terrorists”.  I’m surprised they didn’t end it with an exclamation point or two.  How flippin’ (I’m being kind.) ridiculous is it to brag about stopping a mere 350 suspected terrorists from getting on planes to the US from the millions of passengers that have flown since 2001?  How flippin’ ridiculous?  Except it is the beginning of the re-election campaign of none other than our current President who now wants to make you warm and fuzzy with the confidence that US borders are protected under his watch.  The initials for the descriptive term that comes to mind:  B.S.

This is what I'm talkin' 'bout.

Now let’s look at the truth.  Any and all suspected terrorists could easily, and undetected, enter the US by car (or even on foot)  over the US southern border.  Not only “suspected” terrorists, but actual flippin’ terrorists.  Not too much deterrent on the US northern border either.  No country is stopping suspected terrorists from flying into Mexico or Canada.  Actually, most of the 350 suspected terrorists that were stopped from boarding planes were probably stopped by those “profiling” suspected terrorists unlike the US which uses a No-Fly List and a Terror Watch List.

Someone I know is on this famous No-Fly List, which is supposedly updated daily.  She is not a terrorist, a suspected terrorist, or even from an Arab-speaking country.  Nor does she look like someone from a country where terrorists are known to be.  She doesn’t wear an Islāmic veil on her face when she goes out in public.  She looks pretty much like a born and raised American.  Yet she can’t board a plane without a major hassle because they say she has a name the same or similar to someone on the “list.”  If I give you her name you will laugh at the absurdity. 

That new organization, TSA (Thousands Standing Around), didn’t stop any of these suspected terrorists.  The ones that are now fondling your junk, using x-rays to check out your body, your personal belongings, and watching how much shampoo you have in your carry-on luggage, didn’t catch one.  In fact, they haven’t caught any.  Because we can’t use profiling in this country to stop suspected terrorists.

How many of you, and tell the truth, get a little nervous when a couple of Arab-looking dudes get on the plane in front of you?  Even if you’re just flying from San Francisco to Denver.  Do you watch them during the flight, or at least make note of where they are sitting?  I don’t fly internationally, never have, so I can’t really say how I would react.  I just know that if I happened to be flying home from Paris, I don’t think I would feel very comfortable boarding a plane with a bunch of terrorist-looking Afghani’s heading for New York. 

Don’t forget though, the terrorists that crashed the planes into the World Trade Center on 9.11 boarded the planes in the US, not overseas.  They never would have gotten on the planes if we had TSA standing by feeling up their junk, x-raying them, and checking their shampoo.  Bullshit.  Each and every one of the terrorists would have made it through screening.  They used plastic knifes as weapons.  The only thing that would have worked to stop any of the terrorists from boarding the plane: profiling.  Stop and question them about where they are going and why.  Search.  But that will never happen.  We don’t want to offend anyone, we would rather frisk grandma.

So way to go, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents.  Keep up the good work stopping those suspected terrorists from flying into the US.  TSA, you need to step up your act.  I want to see at least 50 non-profiled suspected terrorists arrested by the end of the election campaign.  And not just one that couldn’t get his underwear to blow up.  


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