Does Batman Sweat?

Sometimes reading the news can bring a head shake.  Just a slight shaking of the head from side to side in disbelief.  Most times it’s accompanied by a chuckle and sometimes you can’t help but laugh out loud.  The ol’ “LOL” or even “LMAO.”  That’s about all the Internet-slang I know, except of course, “WTF.”  But this story, dateline DETROIT, “Police Nab Armed ‘Batman’ In Small Michigan Town,” had me shaking the head.

A female in capitivity 1898.

First off, Batman wasn’t in Detroit, he was hanging from a building in Petoskey Michigan.  Petoskey has a population a bit over 6,000 in the 2000 Census, and it’s billed as a coastal community on Lake Michigan.  The name is said to mean “where the light shines through the clouds”, and based on what I know of the weather on the northern coast of Lake Michigan, that might be a welcome thing.  And there isn’t a lot of history to be found in Petoskey either.  Nobody famous from there, really.  Maybe the biggest historical fact is that they were shooting 50,000 passenger pigeons a day there back in the late nineteen century.  The American Passenger Pigeon, ectopistes migratorius,  was officially extinct in 1914.

So besides that, Batman seems to be the only other notable thing to have happened there, and it took over a hundred years.  Like I said, Batman was hanging off a building and when police pulled him back up they found a baton, some chemical irritant spray, and a pair of  lead-lined gloves.  Batman’s real name, you might be interested to know, is not Bruce Wayne as you saw on television and in the movies.  No, his real name is Mark Wayne Williams.  They didn’t find the Bat Mobile and Robin was nowhere to be seen, but that dude at the top of the page sure looks like Batman, but does Batman sweat?

This is the part that made me LMAOOL.  ( I don’t know if that’s acceptable slang, but it means “Laughing My Ass Off Out Loud.”)  The Petoskey Police charged him with several counts of carrying concealed weapons, one count of carrying a gas-ejecting weapon, and causing a public disturbance.  I guess there’s no ordinance against hanging off a building, possibly endangering those below.  Especially if he was fighting crime.

They don’t know why Batman was there.  He didn’t offer an explanation and it seems they didn’t ask .  They didn’t spend any time interviewing him the police chief said.  I think they were pretty familiar with him myself.  A few years back he was in costume as the “Crow.”  In Mr. Williams defense, it gets cold in Michigan in the winter and “cabin fever” can exhibit itself in some strange forms.  WTF.

Photo credit:  Petoskey Department of Public Safety via WDIV-TV.


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  1. Haha! I guess even Batman cant contol his sweating.. 😛

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