Where Have You Been,/Billy Boy, Billy Boy?

“Oh, where have you been, / Billy Boy, Billy Boy? / Oh, where have you been, / Charming Billy? / I have been to seek a wife, / She’s the joy of my life, …”

I… have been to Austin.  You might have noticed that I missed a few days of blogging over the past week.  It was because I was on vacation in Austin Texas.  We spent a week there checking out what is billed as the “Live Music Capital of The World”.  I confirm that is a true statement.  Live music of every kind, and just a walk down Sixth Street.  All the clubs have shuttered windows that open into the street, and you can just stand there and listen to the music.  (Which is a good thing if you smoke, because you can’t smoke in the clubs.)

We took in the LBJ Presidential Library, boring to some of you maybe but not to me, and visited the State Capital, which is taller than the Capitol building in Washington DC.  Pretty impressive place, but I got searched with the “Geiger” wand because I forgot to take off my belt.  “Sir, step over here.”  “Sir!”  We forgot what day it was, and the Texas Legislature was in session complete with a very vocal protest going on outside the House chambers.  Very cool, but again probably boring to some of you.

We walked up six flights of stairs to get to the highest level of the rotunda.  I’m still alive to talk about it, but my legs are not the same.  I renamed them “Good Years”  While I’m standing there, looking down at half-inch people walking around below, all I could think of was “…Oooh, I like to dance a little sidestep, now they see me, now they don’t, I’ve come and gone.”  Flash back to “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”, Charles Durning, dancing on his toes in cowboy boots.

Another notable thing, in my opinion, about Austin, is the traffic.  People mention it a lot and there’s lots of it.  We managed to avoid threats to serious injury and property damage to the rental car, barely on a couple of occasions.  Observations:  Texas drivers don’t follow the speed limit, speed limits are just suggestions I guess; there’s a lot of construction going on of highway exits that go into the clouds; and turn signals, it seems, are optional.  Probably not much different that where you drive.

Overall, we had an enjoyable time.  It was a nice respite from home which doesn’t seem to want to warm up past 70.  In Austin it was high 80’s most days, we got a little rain (they have been in a draught for several years), and the wind blew every day, but you welcomed it because the humidity is in the 80 percentile.  Not easy to get used to if you come from a dry climate, but it does amazing things to your dried-out skin.

Anyway, we’re back and I have some stories to tell.  We didn’t have FREE internet access at the Marriott where we were staying, which really surprised me since I’ve gotten FREE internet access at a lot less “pricey” hotels.  But then, remember, Marriott got rid of their X-rated movies on demand, so they have to make up the revenue loss somewhere.

On this date in 1935, night baseball makes its début.  I don’t know how they arranged it, but President Franklin Roosevelt flipped the switch to Crosley Field in Cincinnati, Ohio, from the White House.  Pretty impressive.  The Reds beat the Phillies, 2-1 before 20,422 fans.  The Chicago Cubs didn’t have night games well into the 1980’s though.  I guess the Cub fans don’t like going out to the ballgame at night, any more than they like winning seasons. 

“…she’s a young thing and cannot leave her mother.”



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5 responses to “Where Have You Been,/Billy Boy, Billy Boy?

  1. Glad you had a good time in Austin! Sorry about being wanded at the Capitol building. They allow concealed weapons (with permits) there but apparently belts are a no-no. The Texas Legislature meets every two years for 140 days, but some of us think it should meet every 140 years for two days and spare us the aggravation.

    • That’s too funny, they allow concealed weapons. What’s the point of the screening, for bombs? Maybe the belts are dangerous because you could hang yourself from the rotunda railing. But then they didn’t confiscate the belt.

  2. Me

    Ohhhhh… I missed you, you butthead 🙂 See, you reel me in, “Subscribe to my blog, be a real friend, you need to subscribe!!!” I subscribe, I look forward to my daily dose of Len-isms and you freakin leave me… RUDE! 😉

    • I so meekly apologize for not letting you, one of my most avid readers, know that I was taking a haitus for a week. It was mainly because I didn’t know they were going to charge me at that high falootin’ hotel for internet service, and I was damned if I was going to $12.95 a day for it. So I wrote some stuff and saved it.

  3. Me

    Thank you and I forgive you (this time).

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