Finders, Keepers, Losers, Weepers.

Does this ring look familiar? Are you missing one? Check your jewelry box.

Hey, listen up, is anyone out there missing a 3-carat diamond platinum mount ring?  Anybody?  This ring has been in a Santa Fe, NM, police vault for two years, with no one claiming it.  I just can’t believe anyone is not missing a $30,000 ring.  Just can’t believe it.

Maybe you have so many 3-carat diamond rings you don’t know this one is missing?  Nah.  Or maybe you didn’t like this one because of the platinum setting?  Come on, it’s worth $30,000!  Put the diamond in a new setting.

Two years ago a couple walked into the Earth Fire Gems Gallery in Santa Fe and tried to sell the ring.  The gallery owner, Tom Forrest Broadly, looked at the ring, clearly knowing what he was looking at, and offered the couple $500.  They said they would take it if he thought it was worth that much.  Tom then called police because these fools were going to take $500 for a $30,000 ring and he knew something wasn’t right.  The man with no cojones ran off, but the woman stayed and insisted the ring was hers.

According to Lieutenant, Louis Carlos, of the Santa Fe Police Department, the woman  claimed the ring had been given to her by a previous suitor as an engagement ring.  The police didn’t buy the story, and kept the ring.  No charges were filed against the couple because they couldn’t prove they had stolen it.

You’d think this would be a rather rare occurrence, 3-carat diamond rings showing up and no one claiming them, but in April 2009 a 2.5-carat diamond ring was found on a school playground in Fullerton, Calif.  No one claimed it either, after four months, and the city was getting legal advice on how to dispose of the property.

Here’s the rule that applies:  “Finders, Keepers, Losers, Weepers.”  This means really, that lost property belongs to the finder if the real owner doesn’t appear to claim the property in a reasonable amount of time.  The problem is, what is that “reasonable” amount of time?  Fullerton, California believed it was four months.  Once the property is awarded to the finder, if the real owner should appear, it’s too late. 

Are you sure?

Now I’m thinking, if the idiot in New Mexico had used the “I found it” defense when asked by police where she got the ring, she might still have it.  They clearly didn’t believe that she had a previous boyfriend that would spend that kind of money on her.  Not only that, but she would now know what the ring was worth for chrissakes.  Okay.  I’m going to use it.  If you look up “idiot” in the dictionary what would find?  Nope, not her picture.  You’d find a definition of the word “idiot” which she certainly is.

Because now the Santa Fe Police are going to auction the ring and the proceeds will be going to the Santa Fe Police Department.  WTF   They’re going to publicize it as much as possible they say, hoping the real owner will come forward otherwise, ownership defers to the finders which are now the Santa Fe Police. 



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2 responses to “Finders, Keepers, Losers, Weepers.

  1. Shannon

    Seems to me the jewelry store owner is the real finder. Just saying.

  2. He didn’t “find” anything. Broadly just reported a crime. I think the idiot could have said they found it, and been the one in the finder’s seat.

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