The Rest Of The Story

I’m sure most, or at least a lot, of you have seen the story about the jilted boyfriend who put up the abortion billboard in Alamogordo, N.M.  If you haven’t, I’ll give you the facts.  Then we’re going to play a little bit of “The Rest of Story,” by Paul Harvey.  There’s a lot more to this story than almost all the national press services and online services failed to report or investigate.  For them it had just became a “First Amendment Issue” perpetrated by an ambulance-chasing lawyer that wants to morph into a Constitutional attorney, I guess, and, well, get some national exposure.  He’s doing okay on the second part, especially since the suit brought against Greg Fultz was for harassment and violation of privacy.  More on that in a minute.

Over a year ago, Greg Fultz, was dating, and we will assume, having sex with Nani Lawrence.  She got pregnant.  We’ll again assume that Greg is the father because we  really don’t know, there was never a paternity test.  They had broken up, from all accounts, before they knew about the pregnancy, but that’s not important.  What is important is that Greg went on a stalking rampage on “Facebook”, and in person, after the fact.

His next step was to form an “anti-abortion” and “father’s rights” organization by opening up a new Facebook page.  I guess that’s like incorporating as a non-profit these days.  He called the organization the “National Association for Needed Information or N.A.N.I.  Wait, that’s the name of his ex-girlfriend.   And that’s what was on the original billboard.

Original Billboard on White Sands Boulevard

Yes, the billboard he paid $1,300 for with donated funds, located on White Sands Boulevard, the main thoroughfare in little Alamogordo, N.M.  The billboard has a photo of Greg Fultz holding a blacked-out outline of a baby with a playground in the background.  The large text beside the photo reads, “This Would Have Been a Picture Of My 2-Month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To Not KILL (bold and in red) Our Child!”  Message aside, my first thought was that it should have said “…..Decided Not To KILL Our Child,” but he probably didn’t consult a grammar expert before he ordered it.

Nani Lawrence, from what I can determine, graduated from Alamogordo High School in 2009, and claims to be attending New Mexico State University, majoring in Psychology.  She is also pictured with her arm around another girl, so maybe we can assume she’s now gay?  I found all of this out on her Facebook page pretty easily.

So Nani, tired of being harassed, stalked and plastered on a billboard as an anti-abortion organization, takes the ex-boyfriend to court charging harassment and violation of her privacy.  Todd Holmes, attorney for Greg Fultz, after clearly advising his client to change the organization name to C.A.N.I-Coalition About Needed Information, cried First Amendment Right of Free Speech.  I’m giving the name change to Todd, because I really have a hard time believing that Greg could have thought up the nonsensical name, especially the word Coalition.  Attorney’s like the word coalition.  But then I really don’t know.  I just know it was changed on the billboard after a few weeks.

Otero County Domestic Violence Court hearing commissioner Darrell Brantley recommended an order of protection for Lawrence and ordered the billboard be removed by 8:14 am on June 17th.  He made the decision last week on the basis of what he determined to be harassment, not free speech.  Judge James W. Counts will most probably approve these recommendations, but they are not commenting on the pending case.

Fultz’s attorney, Todd Holmes decided to invoke the U.S. Supreme Court decision that I wrote about earlier this year concerning the Westboro Baptist Church and their famous anti-gay protests at military funerals.  Todd thinks, I emphasize “thinks” that the high court’s decision to allow the protests is grounds for his client to put up the abortion billboard.  Okay.

“Very unpopular offensive speech,” he told the Alamogordo Daily News. “The Supreme Court, in an 8 to 1 decision, said that is protected speech.”

Todd Holmes, just as an aside, won “The J-Lo Award Most Times Married” at his 20th high school reunion.  I’m just throwing that in there.  Maybe I’ll take out a billboard on White Sands Boulevard.  Todd’s been a lawyer for 19 years and doesn’t even have a website.  Not saying that automatically makes him a successful lawyer, but I’ll bet money he’s never argued a Constitutional case, probably handles a lot of divorces though,  including his own.  Oooh, is that libel?  I think I might fight that under the “public figure” defense.  He’s made himself one of by his own doing.

Now, the rest of the story.  Greg Fultz is 35.  Nani Lawrence is 15 years his junior.  And when she got pregnant, she was just 18.  Rumor has it that Greg Fultz has had young girl friends before.

Greg had also been stalking, harassing, bullying and threatening Nani for over a year.  He opened up a web page where he was posting pictures of them when they were dating and stalking her.  He made fun of a nervous disorder that she reportedly has.  Then he put up the billboard with donated funds.

There is no evidence that he is even the father.  There is also no evidence that Nani, had an abortion.  She says that she suffered an early term miscarriage.  Not that hard to believe given her age.

He changed the organization’s name, he says:  “Yes as you can see that there has been a name change I will explain that shortly.  But know this it was voluntary i(sic) did it myself and i(sic) was not forced by anyone to make the change it’s my way of showing that this is not about a person but about the message i’m(sic) trying to send. appropriate changes will be made to all places that had the former name on it as time permits.. again this was my choice.”  This is verbatim from the N.A.N.I., now C.A.N.I.  Facebook page.   Again, it appears obvious to me that a lawyer was involved in the wording of this disclaimer.

The original billboard also had an endorsement from a pro-life organization called “Right to Life New Mexico.”   They had given their permission for him to use their logo until they found out Fultz was unsure if Lawrence had an abortion or a miscarriage.

And that GEFNET sponsorship on the billboard,  I checked out the website.  It’s a WYSIWYG designed site, and none of the tabs are working except one.  The disclaimer says that the site is under maintenance and they apologize.  It is nothing more than an ISP reseller site, not very professional looking, and I doubt if he knows html code.

Here was his comment about the commissioner’s decision on the C.A.N.I. Facebook page:  “There was a court hearing held recently that was a travesty of the American Justice system but it is being appealed and with appeals comes additional legal fees They are forcing the billboard that in it’s altered state is nothing but free speech (IMO it was free speech unaltered) if you wish to help with legal fees please contact me directly.  Thank you.”  I wonder what he thinks they are forcing the billboard to do, he never says.

I think Nani needs to take donations for a billboard on White Sands Boulevard sponsored by her new organization “Great Roar Entertainment Group – G.R.E.G.  A picture of her standing sideways with a blacked-out silhouette of her pregnant belly.  “I Might Have Gotten Pregnant By My Ex-Boyfriend If He Didn’t Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction!  ED is CURABLE.  Call 1-800-44-STIFF.”  Claim it’s free speech.  WTF



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3 responses to “The Rest Of The Story

  1. Shannon

    When I first heard this story, I felt bad for the guy. I personally don’t think it’s fair that fathers don’t have any rights. I know… I’ts a womans body, she can choose what happens. She had several choices along the way, don’t go out with that guy, don’t get naked, don’t have sex, use birth control, It takes two to make the baby and only one gets to decide the outcome. But I digress, like I said I do think more attention should be given to father’s rights and made the big assumption that he knew she had an abortion and that had expressed his desire to raise the baby, and felt sorry for the hurt that that might cause (assumptions- get you every time) . But then I had to change my opinion, when it turned out he is just pissed that the girl dumped him and did it to hurt her, that’s not father’s rights, that’s just an a-hole. Oh, and did you see him, she’s probably got some self esteem issues – I’m just sayin.

    • Well, I have to admit, embarassingly, that I never even saw the story as a “father’s rights” issue. I don’t think that will ever be resolved to any “father’s” workable satisfaction. I just don’t see how you can force a woman to have a baby she doesn’t want by court order. But then I’ve never defined my position on abortion, whether I’m pro-choice or pro-life, and I won’t except to say that I don’t think it can be one way or the other. I think it needs to be a case by case situation. But then who decides?

      Yep, that old assumptions problem. I’ve seen her picture too, just saying. :o)

    • Michael Morris

      Not true.What actually happened was she initially told, as one witness described it, “everyone that would listen, that she had a miscarriage due to the stress caused by fultz labeling him as a baby killer. Last week the judge in the case ruled that Lawrence could be asked about the abortion. After that fultz’ attorney announced that he had audio of Lawrence explaining where, why and when she travelled out of stste to an abortion clinic. After a recess the story of the BS miscarriage was off the table with the final ruling in the case to include this:
      “”When the father’s rights debate involves disclosing the private information of a particular individual woman to the detriment of that woman, especially when the father’s motives are highly suspect, the First Amendment does not protect the speech.”

      The issue was not abortion, but a woman who lied about a traumatic miscarriage caused by fultz when in fact she had an abortion to punish him for not marrying her. That seems like a very different story indeed.

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