I Have A Lot Of Rolling Stock Up Here.

I was talking to one of the sales reps this morning in Tennessee (I wasn’t in Tennessee, she was.), and she innocently said “Chances are…”  Which immediately set off a switch in my head and Johnny Mathis started that mellow rich voice…

“Chances are ’cause I wear a silly grin
The moment you come into view
Chances are you think that I’m in love with you
Just because my composure sort of slips
The moment that your lips meet mine
Chances are you think my heart’s your Valentine…”

Yes, I started to sing it out loud.  Not a good thing and I stopped pretty quickly with my rendition.  But then I couldn’t get the song out of my head.  I read somewhere that happens because your memory doesn’t know the whole song, so it keeps repeating, kind of like a scratched record.  Knowing full well that not all of you actually know what a scratched record does, I’ll tell you.  It skips and repeats the lyric, until you grab the stylus arm and scratch it some more so it will continue.  You could put pressure on the arm and sometimes re-groove the record so it would play all the way through again, but that would depend on how expensive was the stylus you wanted to ruin.

Nobody can sing like Johnny Mathis.  Nobody.  I sound so bad in the shower trying to sing a Johnny Mathis song, that it’s embarrassing to myself.  But then I can’t sing any song and sound good, in the shower or otherwise.  They say the acoustics are good in there too.  Kind of like giving me a $2,000 driver and expecting me to play better golf.

So anyway, believing what I had read about how to get a song out of your head.  I went to “youtube.com” and played the song through singing along silently in my head.  It didn’t work.  It’s still there.  And worse, I played this video… 

Now I have “Misty” in my head, which lead me to flash back to the movie “Play Misty For Me.”  For those of you who haven’t seen that movie, it’s a Clint Eastwood movie from 1971, also starring Jessica Walters and Donna Mills.  Long story short, it’s about a short affair that Eastwood’s character, Dave Garver, a disc jockey, has with Jessica’s character, a demented fan named Evelyn Draper.  Then when another woman enters the picture, Donna’s character, Dave’s girlfriend, Tobie Williams, the  shit hits the proverbial fan.  Emphasis on the “demented” part here.  Evelyn starts stalking him, damaging his career, destroying his stuff, and trys to stab people with big-ass scissors.  If you haven’t seen it yet, take a date.

That’s what I did back in 1971, when it came out in theaters.  It was at the Kiva theater in Las Vegas, New Mexico.  The Kiva had a pretty old screen that had patches sewn on it.  They didn’t usually cause too much of problem when viewing a picture, but that one in the lower right corner always seemed to bother me, because it wasn’t the same color or something.  So, for a first date with my now x-wife, we decided to go to the movies.  It was affordable back then, you didn’t need a second job to afford to buy a ticket.  There was only one movie showing at the Kiva, “Play Misty For Me.” (Remember, they only had one screen.)  Let’s just say, most men spend a lot of time looking over their shoulder after they see that movie.  I remember distinctly walking down the sidewalk home, backwards, so I could keep my eye on her the whole time.  Hey, it was dark out.  I didn’t know her from Evelyn.

So, there you have it.  Another example of a train of thought.  The sales rep says, “Chances are…”, which leads to the song in my mental music library, which leads to the article about how to get it out of your head, which leads to youtube, the “Misty” song, then to the memory of the movie, and the memory of the first date, which…well you get the idea.  I have a lot of rolling stock up here, and can put a train of thought on the tracks pretty quickly.




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3 responses to “I Have A Lot Of Rolling Stock Up Here.

  1. Interesting about the brain replaying the song because you don’t remember all the lyrics. I don’t want to see if it’s correct or not by trying to remember all the lyrics to “Thank God I’m A Country Boy.”

    “Play Misty For Me” is one of the scariest movies I’ve seem. I like realism in my fright flix.

    • Thanks a lot, Jena. I’ve been hearing “Thank God I’m A Country Boy” in my head for hours now. LOL I’m going to have to go to youtube and sing it through. Have you ever read “Gerald’s Game” by Stephen King? Another scare by the master using realism.

  2. Glad to share the joy of the Country Boy!

    I haven’t read “Gerald’s Game,” yet. I’ve read a lot of Stephen King, but overlooked that one. I’ll have to pick it up.

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