Makes the Residents of “Deadwood” Sound Like Pre-Schoolers

“What the Fluffy” passed another milestone I had set for it, if only in my mind, again with no fanfare, and I even barely noticed.  It reached 5,000 hits.  That’s probably no big deal, I guess, but I thought the number would be significant back when I was getting only 3 hits a day, that was until I upset the “Battlecam” crowd.

What is an MIT streaker doing at a Harvard/Yale Game? And what is that woman pointing at?

I started writing this thing in January, 2011, just to force myself to write something every day, and because I saw some guys make  “The Today Show” because they put a piano out on a sandbar in the Florida Keys.  They said it was art.  They did it, they said,  to enhance their applications to school for either art or engineering.  Maybe my blog is art too.  I write about whatever comes to mind that day.  Kind of like sticking a broken down piano on a sandbar, not.

I’ve never been aided by being “Freshly Pressed” either.  I have posted 124 articles or stories and have received 214 comments since January.    For those of you who don’t know what “Freshly Pressed” is, that’s where WordPress chooses your post and your blog, that day, in one of several categories to feature on it’s homepage.  When you type in that is the page you see.   So hundreds of people, maybe thousands will visit your blog that day, and maybe, just maybe, like it enough to hang around by subscribing.  I felt like there were at least a few of mine that WordPress could have picked, but maybe they weren’t as good as some others in that category, that day.  Seven months later, I’d say I didn’t care if I ever get “Freshly Pressed,” but that would be an untruth.  Okay, it would be a lie.  I do care.  I’ll be excited when I’m “Freshly Pressed.”  And I’ll spend the day trying to answer all the wonderful comments I’ll get from everybody that reads my freshly pressed blog that day.

I thought I had been “Freshly Pressed” because of  what happened on February 5, 2011, posing the question  ” Would you run naked in front of the President for $1 million?”  I had 124 hits on that story before it was all over.  They were running 20 an hour, and mostly from Facebook referrals.  There were a lot of comments being left, but only seven that I could actually approve (allow to be seen in print.)  Let’s just say the Battlecam crowd, as I like to call them, make the residents of “Deadwood” sound like pre-schoolers.  The post is called “A New Reality Show.”  I admit, I made some careful editing decisions in the aftermath and changed some of the facts, or should I say more accurately checked them.  There was an issue about whether or not you could watch the hanging of Sadam Hussein on Battlecam’s website.  A true statement, because I watched it, but it upset the “crowd” the most.

Anyway, I  just have a small loyal readership, and some that were threatened to subscribe or else, and they tell their friends if a particularly good post shows up.  But I’m greedy.  I want more.  And to get more subscribers, I need more…….threats maybe?  And why do I want more subscribers?  I don’t know, it’s just a challenge I guess.  I will still continue to try and write something that comes to mind every day, or at least Monday through Friday. (I mostly take the weekends off, because I have “outdoor” chores to do.)  Besides, “Freshly Pressed” is something you do to laundry and it’s an inside job.

I want to thank all of you, or maybe more appropriately, all y’all, for stopping by once in a while and taking the time to comment when you do.  I ‘preciate it.  (Yeah, I’m not from Texas, but my wife is, and she’s always fixin’ to do something.  She has the inside jobs on the weekends.)

And yes, this post was nothing but a self-serving, ego-boosting, for me, waste of your time, but that’s what mileposts are for.

On this very date in 1978, Louise Joy Brown was born.  Who was she?  Well, she was the very first test-tube baby, conceived via in vitro fertilization.  “In vitro,” that means….outside the living body in an artificial environment.  Two words saves you eight.  It’s a pretty common occurrence these days, but it was big news in England, and the world, in 1978. 



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8 responses to “Makes the Residents of “Deadwood” Sound Like Pre-Schoolers

  1. Linda

    You really are such a prima donna…….why is it necessary to have quantity of readers…….it’s us loyal fans that add the quality to your fan base. But since the majority of us love you – we will probably try to refer your daily postings to others….JUST TO MAKE YOU HAPPY!!!!!
    Love ya Lynyrd Skynyrd!!!!

    • Yep, Prima is my middle name. And as I recall, you were one of the people on which I had to use threats. LOL Thanks for taking the time to read WTF every day.

  2. I’m so glad you are FINALLY putting all of those wonderful stories of yours to paper. I can’t wait for the pre- Jan 2011 stories to be posted. I have great memories of hearing the stories…and if you would like suggestions of my favorites, I’m willing to share.

    • Thanks, Julie. I’m glad I’m on your reading list. Yes, definitely tell me which stories I should resurrect that you remember. I’m actually threatening to write a book on the “The Voyage of the Titanic – An Epic RV Adventure.” I’ve got three chapters done. Maybe I’ll share them in some installments and see what people think.

  3. Congratulations on your milestone. I’ll continue to watch for you on Freshly Pressed because you’ll be there soon!

  4. As one of your loyal followers, congratulations on your milestone and on continuing to have wonderful things come into your mind then onto the screen for us to read about on your blog M-F. I’m so happy to have found you and I’m going to keep you, Freshly Pressed, wrinkled–I don’t care!

    • Lorna you’re the best. Thanks for becoming a loyal reader. I’ll try to keep up with you. I think I’m leaning a little more towards wrinkled though. I hate laundry anyway. Stuff should just stay cleaned and pressed.

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