16 responses to “Two Blocks Over and Two Blocks Up.

  1. Linda

    My one pet peeve………..misspelled words in a blog !!! Now if this was written on New Years Eve after a few drinks…. I could understand.

    Per your blog:
    “Pet peeves are usually irritations involving someone close to you.”
    Love ya………………

    • In my defense, I couldn’t get the spell-checker to work on WordPress. How many misspellings did you find? I checked this a thousand times before I posted it…this morning…written totally sober.

      • Linda

        moniter, kindergarterners , toboganed
        And also some gramatical issues.

        I just thought that you had turned over a new leaf for the New Year and wanted to throw me off at bit. At least you know now that I do read the blogs.

      • I fixed all those words, or so I thought. I’m having WordPress issues I guess, especially on update. Some of the gramatical issues you speak of were on purpose, I think. Thanks for pointing them out anyway, I can’t stand misspelling either.

  2. Great story. Reminds me of the type of tale that might have gotten edited out of “A Christmas Story” only because the story was about a bb-gun and not skiing. I was so enraptured by your story, I didn’t pick up on any misspellings or grammar issues. 😉

    • I fixed most of them before you read it, I think. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I was having a heck of a time getting WordPress to proofread it. It kept telling me to try again in 1 minute, and then I lost three of the first paragraphs and had to rebuild them, and…well it wasn’t a smooth post for the first one of 2012. LOL

  3. I have also been having issues with WordPress and have taken to writing my posts in Windows Live Writer and them posting them to my blog for publishing. The spell check function (which I would be sunk without) is much better in Live Writer.
    I enjoyed your story very much!

  4. Love this post. Growing up in Southern California, we didn’t have those cool ice tracks, but some of the boys in my elementary school would do death defying tricks on the monkey bars—over concrete barely covered in a thin layer of sand. Ah, the good old days before everyone got lawsuit happy…

    I know what my “covering the milk” offense is with my spouse: interrupting. I have a bad habit of blurting out my thoughts in the middle of something he’s telling me. I’m really trying hard to stop that. Must be a Gemini thing. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    • Yeah, we had those brushes with death on the monkey bars too. Sorry you missed out on the ice tracks, like most everyone else even in my home town.

      That interrupting must be an Aquarius thing too. I plead guilty, not just with my spouse, but with just about everyone, and I couldn’t stop no matter how much I tried. It definitely “covers the milk” and one of these days someone is going to snap. LOL

  5. Robin Shire

    I attended Linden k-6 and have countless memories like yours. I remember the cafeteria/gym in the basement and my little white square lunch card that got punched each day. I remember the drill instructor PE teacher who made us boys do boot camp style exercises while the girls played badminton. Washing our hands in the large round sink with the foot pedals. Kickball and dodgeball were our games. I still remember Julie Weber, rest her soul, would come up and kick that ball so hard that all the boys in the outfield would groan and start running back to the edge of the field knowing she was so dangerous. My first fistfight was next to the dome monkey bars. We said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. Our favorite days involved watching 16mm films about whatever, then if our teacher was in a good mood she would run it backwards for us. My good friend Chad Quarterman went to Holy Name elementary and he had more days off school than we did so he would come over to Linden, play on the hill and wave to us while laughing. The plays we were forced to put on killed me. My friends tortured me about walking Brandy Vandeventer, arm in arm, down the aisle after she was crowned queen of the world or whatever it was. So many great memories. It’s a damn shame it was torn down, it was built to last centuries. Too much of that happening in Sheridan.

    • Thanks for the comments. I had forgotten about the big round sink with the foot pedals. I still wonder why they tore the building down. Too much of that happening everywhere.

      • Brandy Campbell

        Hahaha…I’m Brandy (Vandeventer) Campbell who, apparently caused Robin Shire some distress at Linden. I’m lucky enough to live in Sheridan right at the top of Linden Hill stairs. I miss the old building and was surfing for info when I found your blog. Thanks for writing it…..brings back lots of happy memories. Come sledding sometime if you’re ever in the area.

      • Thanks for commenting, Brandy. Sorry it took so long to respond. I haven’t been home for a couple of years now, but if I happen to be there in the winter, I might take you up on the sledding. My grandparents used to live in the little house at the bottom of road (alley) on Linden hill. Nana always had hot chocolate and cookies ready for us after a day on the hill.

  6. Vickie Skiles

    Ruth Wostoski(not sure of spelling) all I know is that she was my 3rd grade teacher at Linden,and she gave me the “learning spark” miss that lady to this day! And the hill behind the school rocked!

    • Funny, my third grade teacher at Linden had a major impact on me also…about reading. She made me realize you could transport yourself to another place and time in a book. I want to say her name was Mrs. Knecht, but I’m not sure.

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