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I Would Have Written A Blog Today, But…

Have you had to see this before?

I would have written a blog today, but I spent most of the day removing a dastardly rogue malware program called “Vista AntiVirus 2012.”  This particular program, which has been around for a while, keeps updating and modifying itself to make it more difficult to remove.  But, by Gawd, it didn’t win.  It won some battles, like the massive headache I currently have, and the eye strain that probably caused it, but it didn’t win the war.  At least it appears that way.  I’m still not one hundred percent convinced that the nasty little program didn’t change things in my registry file, and get rid of things I haven’t missed yet, but I can get on the Internet now without the thousands of pop-ups telling me I must save my computer from massive destruction by clicking here.

Why are malware attacks such a joy to someone?  What the hell do they get out of it?  I remember getting a nasty malware just by clicking on a photo to enlarge it on a website I was visiting.  It seems you can embed these programs into a photo on a webpage with an execute file.  Then it happened to my own online photo album.  I had to remove it from my personal website because it was beyond repair and was infecting everyone that visited.  Not that too many people visited it, but the ones that did hated my guts.  And I didn’t do anything.

I know, of course, that it is the techs that repair your computer for you when you get one of these malicious attacks that are probably behind the whole thing.  They design these worms and this malware, and spyware, ever more cleverly to make it impossible for you to fix your own machine.  Check the web for all the software available out there to remove these things.  I downloaded something called “PCMightyMax 2011” from the “Microsoft” website to fix my registry file.  It claimed to be FREE.  So I downloaded it and scanned my computer.  It found 1764 errors which it would be happy to fix by clicking on the button below.  Clicking the button promptly brought up a registration screen that wanted $39.95 and a credit card to fix my problems.  The scan was free, I guess, the fix was not.  Since my computer seems to be working fine now, I wonder what these 1764 errors could be?  How important are they to fix, or are they problems at all, or do they even exist at all?

And, now looking back, I think I was responsible for launching the damn thing.  You know how those automatic updates occur on Windows?  If you have any program asking permission to go through with them, you have to click OK because of your security program and the “Windows Security Alerts.”  Well, this malware takes the name and icon of your “Windows Security Alerts” and opens a screen asking you to give permission for Windows updates from Microsoft.  It looked absolutely legit.  I clicked the OK button and all hell broke loose.  Should I have been more careful?  Sure, but I get HP automatic updates everyday, and Windows automatic updates, and….well it looked just like one of them, but it wasn’t.

I’m not writing this to warn you or anything, I’m sure most of you know all about this stuff, but I just wish they would do more to put an end to this insanity.  It would put a very large segment of the computer business, out of business, and that would make my day, because this sure didn’t.

On a totally different subject, Henry Ford set the land speed record on this date in 1904.  He drove a four-wheel drive vehicle, on Lake St. Clair in Michigan, 91.37 miles per hour.  It was frozen, of course, at the time.  The current land speed record for piston-driven wheeled vehicles is 415.896 miles per hour.  Quite a bit faster and it wasn’t done on a frozen lake.  It was achieved at the Bonneville Salt Flats.  (That’s the salt flats pictured above, not a frozen Lake St. Clair.)  Although it was once a lake back in the Pleistocene period, named, appropriately, Lake Bonneville.  I don’t know who named it back in those days, or wrote it down, or put it on a map or anything, but what is raced on now is a hard-packed salt pan that is all that’s left.

And  on another totally different subject, tomorrow is the first Friday the 13th of the new year.  Enjoy.

And on a related subject to my original subject, I’m now getting pop-ups from “PCMightyMax 2011,” a reputable program downloadable from Microsoft. com, telling me I need to fix 1764 errors immediately or my computer is at risk.  Yeah, at risk of costing me $39.95 to get rid of the damn pop-ups.  Good Lord.

And finally, I’m a die-hard Denver Broncos fan…..but this is a little over the top.





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