Water Seeks Its Own Level…Revisited.

In August, 2011, I wrote a series of posts about the swimming pool project.  I spent the day yesterday scanning the few photographs I have of the project, some of the people who helped, and showing some of the construction steps.  They are now uploaded and prove that I did, indeed, dig a swimming pool with shovels and a wheelbarrow with the help of neighbors, friends and family.  So, if you read the story, go back and check out the photos, and if you haven’t read it, you might find out it was a pretty interesting journey…and a DIY project I don’t recommend.  Water Seeks Its Own Level

You’d think after digging for most of six months, I would be a better physical specimen here.  It was a long winter…and we drank a lot of beer.  



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6 responses to “Water Seeks Its Own Level…Revisited.

  1. I remember the story well. Bet you and your wife do, too! 😉

    • My x-wife probably does. She remembers it more for ruining the liner after we separated and ultimately causing the pool to be drained and filled in down the road. Did you check out the pictures?

  2. Shannon

    Loved the pictures. I re-read the whole saga again, and it was just as good the second time. I’m still a little confused about the hole in the liner light thing, but I got the point. Sad that it’s not still there, it would be cool to go take a picture of it now. Did they take the treated wood out when it was filled in? I’m sure with all the treatment you described the walls are still there and hey maybe someone could bring it back to life.

  3. Shannon

    Oh yeah, I love the Magnum P.I. mustache.

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