Jesus Leaves His Face On A Tortilla – Again.

How do we get from the Shroud of Turin to David Sandoval’s tortilla?  Why would Jesus Christ leave his image on a tortilla?  Faith or not, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, now does it?  This past Ash Wednesday, while David Sandoval was eating dinner, he saw the image of Christ on his tortilla.  It is now protected in a wooden box, and Mr. Sandoval has now had his 15 minutes of fame.

Do we really even know what Jesus looked like?  “Popular Science” magazine, the December 2002 issue published an article on the reconstruction of the face of Jesus.  They took a first century skull, obviously not Jesus Christ’s because he ascended into heaven in whole, according to doctrine, so there is no skeletal or DNA evidence remaining.  The skull was then used to reconstruct the face using forensic anthropology.  You’ve probably seen this on numerous TV shows, most recently I saw this on an episode of  “Body of Proof.”  What the anthropologists and the computer programmers came up with is in stark contrast to the depictions of Jesus Christ over the centuries.  He has a wider face, more olive-toned skin and a closely cropped beard.

 Jean Claude Gragard, who produced the documentary “Son of God” is quoted as saying, “Using archaeological and anatomical science rather than artistic interpretation makes this the most accurate likeness ever created.”  But he goes on to say that, “It isn’t the face of Jesus, because we’re not working with the skull of Jesus, but it is the departure point for considering what Jesus would have looked like.”

The “Turin Shroud” has the likeness of a man who appears to have been under extreme duress, which obviously would have been consistent with a crucifixion.  The image is only clearly visible  on a negative image, but was probably clearly visible on the linen cloth centuries ago when it was discovered.  I imagine most of you know this story, how Jesus stopped to wipe his face on a cloth provided by Mary Magdalene and left his image there.  For some unknown reason, that is what I always thought the Shroud of Turin was.  However, it is the burial cloth used to cover the body and was left in the tomb after the Resurrection.  It has a full body image on the shroud, not just the face which is the most publicized.  What happened to the shroud over the next 200 plus years is sharply debated.  Now, I’m by no means, none, an expert on religious matters, but when carbon dating of the shroud was done in 1988 they concluded that the shroud material dated to 1260–1390 AD, with 95% confidence.  That dates it back to its discovery, but not to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Back to David Sandoval and the many others who have seen the image of Christ on everything from stucco walls to candy corn.  I’m not joking, candy corn.  So what did David do when he noticed the face of the Lord on his dinner tortilla that his mother had baked?  He, of course, posted it on Facebook.  It is reported that everyone who has seen the tortilla believes it to be a miracle.  I believe it to be a tortilla cooked on an unevenly heated skillet with not enough lard, causing the dough to burn in one corner.  WTF

In 1977 Jesus Christ appeared on a tortilla baked by Maria Rubio, this time for her husband’s breakfast burritto.  There was a shrine called the “Shrine of the Miracle Tortilla,” in Lake Arthur, New Mexico for a time.  Tens of thousands visited the shrine located  in a backyard shed.  In 2005, Maria’s daughter brought the tortilla to school for “show and tell”, and it was dropped.  The tortilla, brittle as it was by then, broke in half, thus closing the shrine. 

Ramona Barreras baked up a tortilla in her skillet in 1977 as well.  This image had the initials K, J, C, and B appearing with the image of Christ.  She put this together as “King Jesus is Coming Back.”  Okay.  She keeps her miracle tortilla in a Plexiglass box in a kitchen drawer in Phoenix.

It doesn’t stop there.  You can find Jesus’ image on the backs of turtles, on a brick (immediately placed on “eBay”), in tree bark, and even on a man’s dental x-ray.

In a 2008 movie, “Henry Poole Is Here,” Luke Wilson’s character buys a house that needs a lot of work, but he doesn’t care because he’s hit rock bottom.  His neighbor discovers the face of Jesus on a side wall of his house created by a water stain in a poor stucco job.  You can image what happens next, but rent the movie, it’s very entertaining.  Here’s the movie trailer.

 <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Maybe, but more likely, maybe not, Jesus watches over tortilla bakers often enough to occasionally leave his image there.  I wonder why David’s mother didn’t see the image when she flipped the tortilla out of the pan?  Probably didn’t look any different to her, and don’t you think it should have?  I wonder if they’ll turn their backyard shed into a shrine to the Miracle Tortilla in Espanola, NM.  They’re worried about how to preserve it, so they don’t have that breaking incident like the one that happened in Phoenix at “show and tell,” I guess.  I think they should soak it in epoxy, like they do those scorpions you can buy at the truck stop gift stores.

The only other thing I want to point out about David Sandoval’s tortilla is that Jesus seems to be having a bad hair day.  Oh, and it looks like he ate some of that tortilla before he noticed the face of Jesus looking back at him.  



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4 responses to “Jesus Leaves His Face On A Tortilla – Again.

  1. When we make grilled cheese sandwiches at my house, we often discuss ways to make the face of Jesus appear…we could make a sort of stamp like a waffle iron or it could just be the placement of the butter. We thought people sold these “miracles” on e-bay.

    I think it’s the paintings and statues of Jesus that attract zealots because of the way he is depicted, with a handsome face and flowing hair, like a rock star.

    • Too funny, but maybe not a bad idea. Rubber stamp coated with butter, maybe, or mayo, whichever burns better. Many are sold on eBay, but this is a deeply religious area and I don’t think Daniel is parting with the piece of tortilla. It happened on the first day of Lent, so it was a sign.

  2. I once saw my dearly departed dog’s face in some puffy clouds. He was an Old English Sheepdog. It happens. (By the way, I couldn’t see his eyes in the cloud version either.) God and Dog work in mysterious ways.

    • I think I’m starting to worry about you. I don’t see visions in clouds or tortillas. Taking Daniel’s tortilla in the whole, I would have thought that burn spot was no different than the other burn spots on the home-made tortilla. Maybe I need to open up more?

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