Absolutely FREE Slot Secrets

slotsSystematically follow my six free slot machine secrets and you will win….probably.

I’ve been playing slot machines for over 20 years now and I’m going to share my slot secrets with you for free!  I’m not going to charge you $19.95 for them like everyone else.  If you Google search “slot secrets” you’ll get 606,000 results.  That’s a lot of secrets.  Most of them start off by telling you how slot machines work, and the majority of the “experts” tell you not to play the slots at all.  And just so know, if anyone has discovered some winning secret for slot machines, they’ll hardly tell you.  They would just travel around going to casinos and winning money.

I lived in Reno, NV, “The Biggest Little City in the World” for 12 years.  During that time, I played slot machines two or three times a week…when I had the money to lose.  That’s right, don’t go to casinos unless you have money to lose and it can be an expensive night out.  We would usually go to the restaurants in casinos and have steak dinner for two for around $40.  Later we would determine that dinner cost us well over $200.  Ever notice there are no outside entrances to casino restaurants?

Why should you only bring money that you can afford to lose, because the casinos pay all of their overhead from the profits on the slot machines.  That means all of their overhead.  During a very dry couple of weeks in the personal win column at one of the local casinos in Reno, we drove into the parking lot to find it newly paved, the casino sported new window and door awnings, and the casino floor had been newly carpeted.  I was convinced I was a major contributor to the maintenance and renovation over the last three weeks.  And I was, just like all the other slot players that frequented that casino.

I now live in New Mexico so I can’t go down the street to play the slot machines, or at the local Walgreen’s, or convenience store.  I have to drive 25 miles or more to the nearest Indian casino to donate my money.  New Mexico gaming regulations have set a minimum return of 80% on electronic slot machines up to a maximum of 96%.  That is according to information on americancasinoguide.com where they track and publish data for every state.  Although I don’t know how they obtained that information, because they state that Indian tribes in New Mexico don’t make that payout information a matter of public record, but the agreement between the state and the tribes does dictate that the electronic gaming machines must return a minimum of 80%.  That means over a year and doesn’t mean you’re the one that’s going to win.

In Reno, the data suggests that the electronic gaming machines paid back 94.93% during the June 2012 through July 2013 period.  Believe me when I tell you its very noticeable.  You rarely win in the Indian casinos that I have played in New Mexico and if you watch and listen, very few jackpots are being won on the machines.

In the U.S. the paybacks on slot machines are all based on probability.  The manufacturers actually program that in to the machine.  You will never know what machines in the casino are “due” to pay, or whether you should play a machine in a visible area, or at the end of rows, or any of the many “secrets” you will learn if you invest $19.95 or more for an expert’s book.

But I promised you my slot secrets for free and here they are:

  1. Take only the money you can afford to lose.  Leave all credit cards and debit cards at home.  Nothing is stopping you from going home and getting more money that you can afford to lose,  but don’t keep getting money out of the ATM machine trying to catch up on what you have lost.  It will not happen.
  2. If you double your money on a slot machine, in other words if you put $20 in and you have now won over $40 on the machine, cash it out.  Put the winnings in your other pocket and do not touch it.  You then can put the original $20 back in the machine if you want, or move on to another machine.  When you are out of the money that you brought to lose from the one pocket, you are done for that night of “entertainment.”  You have to leave.
  3. Move randomly around the casino and play machines that catch your eye.  Playing machines that have paid you in the past will not necessarily, and rarely, pay you again.  Stay away from banks of machines where no one is sitting.  Dead giveaway that they are not paying anyone.  I once paid $19.95 for a slot method called “The Zig Zag Method” which simply told you to zig zag down a row of machines.  Does it work?  Hell no.  You are just increasing the random odds by moving around which you should do anyway.
  4. You can stop the reels if you want, on those machines that allow it, but rest assured it does not alter the outcome.  No it does not.  The outcome was determined when you pressed the spin button.  The Random Number Generator picked the reel combination at that second.  What you might try is if you are pressing the spin button at a set interval, you could stop for 60 seconds and then start pressing at a slower or faster interval.  See what happens.  You might win.
  5. Slot machines have the worst player odds in the casino.  None of the player odds are good, but slot machines…the worst.  But they are the most played, because there is no interaction with dealers and other gamblers.  You just put in your money and pull the handle.  They don’t call them “one-armed bandits” for nothing.  Penny machines have the worst odds, quarter machines a little better, dollar machines even better and high limit slots, $5 and up, even better.  So what does that mean?  In order to win, you have to bankroll enough at that machine to overcome the casino odds.  If you’re betting forty cents on a penny machine, $20 may be enough, but if you’re playing the dollar slots, you need to play several hundred dollars to win any sizeable payout.  Can you put $20 in a dollar slot and win?  Sure, I’ve done it a lot, but it’s just LUCK!

$5 SlotI once watched a guy win three $1,600 jackpots on a $5 machine in that same casino that used my money to repave the parking lot, get new awnings and put new carpet on the floor.  I asked him how much it had cost him to the win the first jackpot.  “I put in $1,000,” he told me.  Not certain if that’s true because the biggest liars on the planet are gamblers and fishermen.  He hit the jackpot the second time on the same machine after $600 was wagered, he said.  The third time he hit the jackpot in the same evening on the same machine he had $1,500 in.  I know because I was there and asked him.  How much did he win over the course of hours playing the same machine: $1,700 dollars.  In fact, I actually saw him the next night playing the same machine and he told me that he had put it all back in.  See secret number two.

  1. There are no SLOT SECRETS.  There just aren’t.  It’s all random based on probability and if you just happen to hit the spin button at the right time you will win some money.

It’s always more fun to win money than it is to earn it.  That’s probably why casinos are packed with people trying to hit the big one.  Your odds of doing that just flat out suck though.  If the odds were in your favor, the casinos wouldn’t be there.  Here’s another tip:  The fancier the casino the worse the odds of winning.  Don’t believe me, well, I wouldn’t either.



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3 responses to “Absolutely FREE Slot Secrets

  1. This is all very interesting, but I am SO not a gambler. I tried the slots once in a casino that gave me $20 in coins to play the slot machines. I couldn’t wait to burn through them so I could get the heck out! I cursed every time I got a few bucks back! I suppose I could have stopped with, say $12.00 but it wasn’t lunch time yet and we wanted to eat there because we were traveling home. Just a yucky experience. Fun people-watching, though! Some people are really into it!

  2. Good that you’re not a gambler. Slot players aren’t really gamblers anyway. They are basically in the category of charitable contributors. Some people are definitely into it, as casino revenues rose to $37.34 billion in 2012. The most current statistics of the American Gaming Association. The industry does create 336,000 jobs though. New Mexico gaming tax revenue was $62.79 million in 2012. The real reason we have Indian casinos in the US.

  3. Joe Mama

    Interesting info, Leno!

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