Still More…Ramblings from the Land of Enchantment

The backyard in November.  All the leaves fell off the tree in one day.

The backyard in November. All the leaves fell off the tree in one day.

Well.  We’ve been back now for going on four years.  That will be four years in September, if we make it that long.  I see no reason why that won’t happen, but then I’ve been wrong before.  I’ve been wrong a lot.

Everybody in the blogosphere is talking about their yearly stats.  It’s because “WordPress” publishes an annual report and delivers it at the end of December, just in time for a New Year’s topic.  An easy topic, even if you’re suffering from “writer’s block” which you know (if you read “What the Fluffy”) doesn’t really exist, so we’ll touch on it here.  After another year of blogging, a mere 26 posts, it seems that Wednesday was my most “creative” day.  I uploaded 10 posts on Wednesdays.  You would think Mondays would be a more creative day, or even Fridays, but I seem to be a Wednesday guy.  Today is Thursday, so I’m a bit off track.

A total of 4,600 views of the total 268 stories were viewed in 2014. And the number one post….wait for it…”Who Invented The Light Bulb?…Wrong.”  The busiest day of the year, September 26th, had 54 views, and included this story as number one…again.  September 26th was a Friday. (Just throwing that in there.)  I say, again, because my top five posts were all written in 2011, and this story has been number one for the three years I have been writing “What the Fluffy” and have been sent an annual report.

You would think that I’m some kind of an expert on the history of the light bulb.  I’m not.  I’m not much of an expert on anything.  But if you type “Who invented the light bulb?” in Google search, you get 113,000 results.  I’m in there somewhere.  I used to be on page one.  That’s the reason everyone thought I was some kind of an expert on the history of the light bulb.  All I really know for sure is that Thomas Edison didn’t invent it.  It gets a lot muddier after that.

New Mexico is topping the list (whoever’s list that is) in drug abuse.  I can’t substantiate it, I’ve searched, but that’s what they were saying on the news this morning.  It doesn’t surprise me.  Drug of choice is heroin, overdoses are leading the nation, and Espanola, NM, made a “Forbes” list in 2009 for the highest deaths per capita.

Espanola has a population of around 100,000, is close to Sandia Laboratories where they do all kinds of novel research which means, I would assume, that they have a lot of high-paid, very intelligent employees, is in the northern part of the state, and really I have no reason why they ranked number one except in how “per capita” is calculated and what they try to imply with those statistics.  The National Drug Intelligence Center (there must be a “National Intelligence Center” for everything I imagine) in April 2002, reported “New Mexico leads the nation in per capita heroin-related deaths.”

There’s that “per capita” again.  We all know what it means.  Casper, Wyoming, was reported at one time to have the highest suicide rate per capita in the nation.  They attributed it to the wind as I remember it.  Yes, they said the wind, which blows every day like clockwork in Casper, drove people to suicide.  Okay, I’m sure that’s it.  The CDC statistics for 2010, list Alaska, New Mexico and Wyoming as the top three most suicidal states in America, in that order.  They’re all pretty windy states.  Maybe they’re on to something, but I’m going to go with maybe depression as the major cause.

Wait, maybe we all don’t know what per capita means.  It’s a Latin phrase which literally translates to “by heads”, in other words “for each person.”  So, for example a country’s per capita income means the average personal income per person.  Or in the case of heroin-related (which opens up a whole new question) deaths, 45.6 deaths in Espanola in 2009 per 100,000 population, put them in number one.  Which begs the question, how do you get a .6 death?  Enough of that.

My youngest daughter, super intelligent, lovely, enchanting, sweet, humorous, beautiful, girl, (I have no idea where she gets any of it) offered some sage advice the other day to overcoming obstacles.  She wrote, “Even a moped can get over a speed bump.”  I just love that.  No matter how big your speed bump is, you are clearly more than a moped, and if a moped can get over a speed bump, so can you.

So far into 2015, I haven’t won the lottery, haven’t found a job, haven’t done anything of note per capita, but have now written my first blog.  I did win the lottery in December.  Yes, I did.  Seven bucks!



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2 responses to “Still More…Ramblings from the Land of Enchantment

  1. Now you’ll be an expert on New Mexico!

    For some reason, I didn’t get my yearly stat report. Did WordPress forget me? 😦

    • Are you settled in on the West Coast? I think you need to complain to WordPress that you didn’t get your annual report. It’s always so eye-opening. Did you change your email address? That’s where they send it.

      Thanks for commenting, and just so you know, no such thing on an expert on New Mexico. Place makes no sense.

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