I’m Not Getting Older, I’m Living Longer

This is what my birthday cake would look like, an inferno.

This is what my birthday cake would look like, an inferno.

I heard that on a TV commercial for dog food.  Funny I can’t remember the brand of dog food, which I expect was the purpose of the advertisement, but I did like the sentiment.

Today is my birthday.  I’m not saying that so everyone will send me birthday wishes, I’m just saying it’s my birthday, which will segue into other random thoughts.  Isn’t segue a great word?  You want to say “sa-goo” but it’s pronounced considerably different.  It’s like hors d’oeuvre.  Every time I read that word it comes out “Whore da vors.”

On your birthday everything you do is preceded by “birthday.”  For example, I just finished doing the birthday dishes from dinner last night.  I took out the birthday trash, following my birthday shower, which was preceded by my first birthday gifts from my wife before she left for work this morning.  I’m technically writing a birthday blog, which I’ve done before (check the archives) and I just finished making and eating birthday oatmeal chased with a birthday coffee, my second cup.

I’ll probably do other birthday related things today.  My hope is that I’ll win the birthday Powerball lottery.  I don’t want to win the near half a billion dollars, what the hell would I do with that, but I’d really like to get four or five numbers, maybe four numbers and the power ball.  Okay, but I still like to think that there is some power in positive thinking.  That kind of birthday win would surely give me a few minutes of fame on “Good Morning America”, don’t you think?

Three years ago today, on my birthday, someone famous was found face down and unresponsive in a bath tub.  I only mention this because I hope there are more famous things that happened on February 11th, than that sad event.  Why are rich, successful people rarely happy?

The Soviet Union broke off diplomatic relations with Israel on the day I was born.  President Dwight Eisenhower refused clemency for Ethel and Julius Rosenberg on February 11, 1953.  I once stood on the bridge in Santa Fe where the secrets of the atomic bomb were given to the Russian spy on a June day in 1945 by Klaus Fuchs.  There’s a bronze plaque marking the spot on the bridge crossing the Santa Fe River.  History is ripe with the complex relationship between Fuchs (who served a few years in British prison and was not executed) and the Rosenbergs who were executed for the crime of treason.

“I Love Lucy,” won the 5th Annual Emmy Award for Best Situation Comedy in 1953.  Jimmy Durante won for Best Comedian and Lucille Ball won for Best Comedienne.  I guess that’s a gender thing.  Bill Hilliard’s “Hazel Flagg” opened at the Mark Hellinger Theater in NYC for 190 performances on February 11th, 1953.  Who the hell was Hazel Flagg?  Who the hell was Bill Hilliard?  “The Guide to Musical Theatre” synopsis is as follows:  “Hazel is a backwater Vermont girl who is believed to be dying of radium poisoning.  A magazine gets hold of her story and brings her to New York, where she is the centre (sic) of attention.  She finds time to fall in love with sophisticated Wallace Cook.  When it is learned that she is really in the pink of health New York loses interest, but Wallace loves her all the same.”  All in two acts and 15 scenes.Hazel Flagg

“Money Burns A Hole in my Pocket,” is one of the musical numbers.  That should be my theme song.  Dean Martin recorded the song, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t Wallace Cook in the 1953 production of Hazel Flagg. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis did make a film in 1954 called “Living It Up” based on the musical though.  Hazel Flagg was rewritten to be a man, Jerry Lewis, and Wallace Cook becomes a female played by Janet Leigh.  Never saw it.  They’re running out of script ideas in Hollywood, maybe they’ll do another remake.

“Money burns a hole in my pocket
How I wish I had millions of dollars and nothing to do
But just buy pretty presents for you…”

My actual birthday was on a Wednesday too.  Jeb Bush has the same actual birth date as me.  I’m not really sure what significance that might have.  Jeb Bush is “actively exploring” a possible run for the White House.  I think we’ve had enough Bushes. (Didn’t know how to pluralize that.)

So I’m living longer, not getting older.  I’ve lived longer that my Mom who died at 54, and I’ve lived longer that two of my good friends, one who died of a brain aneurysm in his thirties, and one who died way too soon from esophageal cancer.  Something I had never heard of, until it took him six months after his diagnosis.

Happy Birthday to me, and let me win the lottery so I can sing “Money Burns a Hole in my Pocket” for the rest of the time that I’m here.



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7 responses to “I’m Not Getting Older, I’m Living Longer

  1. Well, Happy Birthday! It’s neat to look back and see how the world is different now than it was “then.” And I agree–we’ve had too many Bushes! 😉 Have a great day every day! 🙂

  2. Your Favorite Niece

    Happy Birthday!!! Are you planning on living longer than Aunt Gen? That’s my goal!

    Your Favorite Niece

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes and sorry for the late response. Been too busy building whirligigs that don’t want to whirl or gig. Good goal, just don’t get near me when you’re 102.

  3. turbothesibe

    Have a great birthday!

  4. Happy birthday for yesterday! I was laughing while reading there about everything getting the word ‘birthday’ before it, that’s so true! With my kids on their birthday, I tend to put their new age before everything, like “What do you want for your 13 year old breakfast?” (which come to think of it doesn’t sound too appetising). In terms of your question about why are rich, successful people rarely happy? Do you think that being unhappy is their motivation for becoming rich and successful, and then when it fails to make them happy it just exacerbates the unhappiness? Is that too deep for a birthday question?

    • Geeez, I can’t believe I didn’t respond to your comment. I do agree with your analysis. I think you’re on to something. But it was too deep for a birthday question. :o) Yeah, a 13-year-old breakfast doesn’t sound that appetizing.

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