Who is O. Leonard?

O. Henry aka William Sydney Porter.

I’m not related to O. Henry, but then that wasn’t his real name either.  He picked it out of a newspaper, and picked the O because it’s the easiest letter to write, or so he said.

I’m a Dave Barry wannabe.  I want to be just like Tom Bodett when I grow up.  Mark Twain; simply an idol.  Jean Parker Shepherd, on the list at number two.  I want to be an American raconteur.” a person who is skilled in relating stories and anecdotes interestingly.”   I tend to think I’m funnier than I am, but then don’t we all?

My simple purpose for this blog is to force myself to write something every day and, in turn,  maybe entertain a little or tell you something you didn’t know.  A daily dose of bitching, complaining, historical facts, current events, and plain ol’ opinions.  Nothing is sacred.  I find as I get older, my opinions make perfectly good sense.  Most of the time I can’t believe everyone else doesn’t agree with me.  And let’s face it, after Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says WTF.  

So Sign Up and find out what a “Sefate” is and why it’s growing in “Lesotho.”

O.  Leonard

January 2011.  And it’s “twenty eleven” not “two-thousand eleven.”  We didn’t say “one-thousand nine-hundred ninety-five” did we?

19 responses to “Who is O. Leonard?

  1. Danny Amira

    What are your views on the government suing arizona for their attempt of curving immigration?

  2. Ignorant and stupid, and a general waste of taxpayer’s money. Is there any other way to think? I believe in States Rights. Arizona has every right to control immigration.

    • Amen to that, from one who lives on the border. Was shocked to learn last summer that it’s even possible for the government to sue a state. Are we in this together or not? Apparently not. Our government has never been more disconnected to the needs of its citizens as it is now.

      • It’s funny how everyone accepts the current level of Federal government control over the states, as though it was always this way. It was never what our founding fathers had in mind. If the framers of the Constitution could see us now, I think they would be appalled. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. mjandris@hotmail.com

    Go get ’em Leno… We, the American Tax Payers, have become too complacient with “our” elected politicians. I advocate having the politicans try “Obama Care” for 10 years before it is forced on the public. I’m willing to bet there would be some dramatic changes to the current bill. Also, advocate politicians be paid on a performance basis…. Debt increases to cause a cut in pay, economy improves then a potential for salary increases… No salary guarantees for congress, senate or their staff. Think the national debt and economy will improve??? And pensions…. No more special deals for elected officials, their pensions to not exceed the common man. Yes, I’m sick of business as usual in government….

    • I’ll have to take up some of those topics in future rants. You know, I think it is time for a pay for performance plan in Congress. Instead all you get is, “Well, I guess that didn’t work out.” ObamaCare. I can’t even get started on that. Obama keeps pointing out that the new health care plan removes the “existing conditions” issue. Too bad it’s attached to such a bad bill.

  4. Yes, I find myself extremely entertaining as well…not sure everyone else does. I’m so glad you found my blog because now I get to enjoy yours.

  5. Get ready for an award, O. Leonard! I just gave you the Kreative Blogger Award. Just posted the info on my blog… So well deserved… 🙂

    • Thanks for the award. You’ve won it nine times? Wow! I appreciate the thought, the idea of it being to drive traffic to my blog, but I don’t think it worked. Thomas Edison is still my best advertising. However, I’m using what you said about my blog in your blog on my jacket cover. LOL Thanks.

  6. Your favorite niece

    Do you take requests? I would love to hear your version on not being able to find Aunt Gen’s marker in the cemetery the month before she died. I still laugh when I think about the look on your face and Steve’s face after spending hours looking in the cemetery only to find out she down the street at the nursing home.

    • Yeah, that’s a good one. I still feel some responsibiity for her death. The headline two months later, “Sheridan’s Oldest Living Resident Dead at 102.” I need to get a copy of the Sheridan Press for that date.

  7. Your favorite niece

    Remember my mom’s comment, “She not dead yet.” (can’t help but laugh).

    • I thought it was Aunt Peggy that said that, rather indignantly, and then added “She’s down the street at Eventide.” Isn’t it called something else now. Sheridan Manor, maybe?

  8. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award – Don’t feel obliged to do anything more than just accept it as a compliment! Details here: http://vanessa-chapman.com/2012/03/13/the-versatile-blogger-award/

  9. You are blowing my mind about the twenty-eleven thing! No kidding!

  10. Nice to meet you here! Thanks for finding me at roughwighting. I look forward to reading your posts.

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