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The Circus Is Getting Out Of Control Already

"Goyaałé" In English "Goyathlay"

Now we’re being told that Osama Bin Laden was unarmed when he was shot in the head and chest by the Seal team.  Do we care?  I guess he didn’t put his hands up and surrender?  Instead his protectors ran into the room and opened fire….maybe.  Then the CIA denied that they captured him and shot him later, as was being reported.  Do we care?  Then they got the name of the son that was killed wrong, and said one of the women was killed because she had been used as a shield, when in fact she was killed by cross-fire.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t care.  Thanks to the inept handling of the aftermath of the operation by the U.S. Government, specifically the President, hell, we don’t even know if he’s dead.  And now with all the wrong information that was reported by the White House immediately following the incident that they all supposedly watched as it happened, the whole story is suspect.  I said on Monday, show the damn pictures, the circus is getting out of control already.

And the Native American population is flipping out because the label given to the target, Osama Bin Laden, was “Geronimo.”  WTF.  Seriously, don’t we have anything more important to worry about?  The message sent to Washington was “Geronimo-EKIA,” meaning “Enemy Killed In Action.”  Well, he wasn’t in “action” according to the reports now coming out, and we can’t even be sure someone was firing real bullets at the Seal team in that compound anymore.

Just to get you up to speed on “Geronimo,” he was a murdering SOB to the pioneers and settlers of Arizona and  New Mexico, regardless if the Native American population wants to paint him as a hero defending his people, the Chiricahua Apache.  He was the last holdout and the last fighting American Indian to capitulate to the Government.  And he fought and survived against daunting odds.  You might be interested to know he was given the name “Goyathlay,” “One Who Yawns” at his birth in 1829.  It was the Spaniards that gave him the name “Geronimo” although it is really not clear why.

And using what is almost a “common” codename to identify a target is just that, a codename.  I think it was fitting, and I’m sure it was not intended to be a reference to terrorism or Native Americans, but to what the man himself did and the legend he created.  Better make sure the military or CIA does “Politically Correct” checks on all target labels going forward.  Wouldn’t want to offend anyone.  “Crazy Horse” would have been a good choice.  Osama was certainly a crazy bastard, but then maybe he was just a hero defending his people?  Crazy Horse is probably a “hero” too, though, now that I think about it. 

The name “Geronimo” has been associated with jumping from high places ever since World War II paratrooper Aubrey Eberhardt first screamed it on his first jump to prove his fearlessness.  It would be difficult to associate that with a negative connotation to the “peace-loving” chief of the Apaches.  My tongue is squarely in my cheek.  Call the next terrorist target “Kristofferson”.  He’s a famous Swede.  I’ll bet he won’t care and neither will the rest of us Swedish Americans. 

And just now, while I’m writing this, Obama has decided NOT to release the photographs.  We’re supposed to take his word for it.  You’ve got to be kidding me.  So much for that spike in approval rating you were expecting, Mr. President.

Did you know the Skull And Bones Society, that secret Yale society not sanctioned by the University, the one that George W. Bush, and other famous Yale students belonged to, was actually sued by Geronimo descendants in 2009?  Allegedly they have some skeletal remains of the great chief that they stole from a grave site in 1918, in Sill, Oklahoma.  They are purportedly kept at their Connecticut clubhouse.



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Show Me The…..Body.

On this date in history, May 1st, 1931, the Empire State Building Opened.  It would be the tallest building in the world for 41 years.  On this same day, May 1st, 1967, Elvis Presley married Priscilla Beaulieu.  They stayed married for 6 years.  In 1991 on May 1st, Nolan Ryan, a 44-year-old pitcher for the Texas Rangers, threw his seventh and final no-hitter in a career that lasted 27 years.  He did it against the Toronto Blue Jays.  He was the only player to pitch for all four MLB expansion teams.  I was sitting in an airport in Phoenix at the time, waiting for a plane.

Trying not to be too tongue-in-cheek, on the first day of May of this year, an American Military Special Forces Seal Team located and shot Osama Bin Laden in the head.  It took ten years.  The President ordered the mission personally, and announced it personally, following a teaser that flowed across television screens telling us little more than the President was going to address the Nation on a matter of extreme importance.  Wow, if that didn’t get our interest.  After I heard the short speech, I was pissed I missed the rest of the “Dateline” show I was watching.

They were trying to make this announcement seem as monumental as the end of hostilities in Europe, VE Day.  The attack on the World Trade Center was continually compared to Pearl Harbor.  I don’t think so.  This was certainly a momentus event, but my first take on it, was why did it take so long?

Digital FBI file showing how Bin Laden would have aged.

Then I went right to how convenient the timing was.  That this monumental event is pulled off while our President is gearing up for a re-election campaign.  Then they dropped the body in the ocean?  They said they did that because they didn’t think they could find a country to take the body.  Did they even ask?  Was that burial at sea personally ordered by Obama after bragging about having the body?  Then they said it was to honor the Islāmic religion by giving Bin Laden a quick burial.  Okay.  And they at least tell us they did DNA testing and confirmed it was him.  Good.  But there were no pictures of the body?  What?  Yeah, I only saw pictures of the bed?  Not okay.

Waving a flag, and chanting “U.S.A.” is still over the top for me, but I do have some top questions.  He is found, confirmed, and killed in a million dollar facility, built especially for him,  ONE-HALF MILE from a Pakistani Military Academy.  Come on.  How does that happen with a cooperating government?  So he’s not living in caves in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan like you told me?  Was he ever?

Instead of making a logical disposition of the Osama Bin Laden “search and destroy” mission which lasted ten years, instead, the U.S. Government has decided to once again leave the whole thing open to conspiracy theorists.  Have any of you seen the body?  Do we as citizens harbor any trust issues with the federal government?  Will all of us who doubt this execution, be called “Doubting Thomas?”  Show me the body.  Otherwise this could be seen as a military tactic, not to mention a public relations tactic for the re-election of the President.   


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