This Decision is a Boehner

US Capitol Dome Jan 2006 Photo credit: Diliff

Okay, let’s not honor the last American WWI Veteran, who died February 27th, 2011, following his 110th birthday,  in the Capitol Rotunda, because he was only a “lowly” ambulance driver in England and France?  After all, the Capitol Rotunda is reserved for Presidents, and Senators, Civil Rights Leaders, and Capitol Police.  Nope, let’s not honor Frank Buckles, by allowing him to lie in honor in the Capitol Rotunda, because he only reached the rank of private, and he only drove an ambulance in the first world conflict back in 1917!  President Bush even had to grant Mr. Buckles a waiver so he could be buried in Arlington National Cemetery because of his low rank.  WTF 

Private Frank Buckles at 106

So maybe Frank Buckles was only a private and he wasn’t a war hero, but he was the LAST surviving veteran from WWI.  I think that is qualification enough to lie in honor in the Capital Rotunda.  He volunteered to be an ambulance driver because he heard it would get him to the front faster, by the way.  And believe me, I wasn’t surprised to see my “esteemed” Senator, Harry Reid, joining right in with the stupid decision not to allow a Capitol ceremony.  What difference does it make?  Who would it hurt?  Do you think the average American citizen, who owns the damn building by the way, is upset that you would allow a veteran of a war hardly any of us can remember, to lie in honor there?  Really?

And it’s kind of all about the words “state” and “honor”.  See, it might be okay to allow Pvt. Buckles to “lie in honor” but not to “lie in state“.  GEEEZUZ.  See the request that was received from the House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman, Jeff Miller, was to hold a ceremony in the Capitol Building where Frank Buckles would lie in “state”.  That’s a step up from “honor” and reserved, pretty much, for presidents.  So lay him in honor, or lay him in state, but for chrissakes stop the insane bickering over whether it should be allowed or not.  Again, I say, aren’t there more important things to worry about.  Honoring our Servicemen should be a no-brainer.  No discussion.
I don’t care how you pronounce his name, this decision is a Boehner.  If J. Edgar Hoover can lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda then surely a private from the first world war should be allowed, especially if he’s the only one left.

And by the way, I think the Frank Buckles bill to create a WWI National Monument on the Mall in Washington, should be reintroduced or pulled from committee and passed in his honor.  Damn, sometimes you just wonder.


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